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Larry Odell Joins McV; New Capital and Income Members Appointed

McV News

June 28, 2021

We are pleased to announce that Lawrence "Larry" Odell joined McV as Senior Counsel in the Corporate Practice Group. Mr. Odell joins us from FirstBank, where he was Executive Vice-President and General Counsel and Secretary at First Bancorp Puerto Rico.

Also, effective June 1, 2021, Reinaldo Figueroa-Matos and Lillian Toro-Mojica became Capital Members, and Carla D’Almeida-Aracena, Laura Femenías-Jové, Adrián Goyco-Vera and Nayuan Zouairabani-Trinidad became Income Members.

During the past year, Antonio R. Pavía-Vidal and Daniel Pérez-Refojos  joined as Counsel, while Claudia G. De León-Domínguez, Javier A. Aquino-Vidal, José A. Irizarry-Castro and Francheska A. Morlá-Medina joined as Associates.

The content of this McV Alert has been prepared for information purposes only. It is not intended as, and does not constitute, either legal advice or solicitation of any prospective client. An attorney-client relationship with McConnell Valdés LLC cannot be formed by reading or responding to this McV Alert. Such a relationship may be formed only by express agreement with McConnell Valdés LLC.

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