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Nayuan Zouairabani-Trinidad

Counsel, Litigation Practice Group
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His primary practice is in the area of bankruptcy, reorganization and creditors’ rights.  He has extensive experience in the field and has represented local banks, among other secured and unsecured creditors, in a wide array of bankruptcy and collection litigation. He is a member of the firm’s PROMESA Task Force. He also represents clients in securities arbitration cases before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. 

Mr. Zouairabani-Trinidad has been involved in the preparation, structuring and execution of different debt work-outs, forbearance and re-payment agreements with major debtors in Puerto Rico. He is experienced in collection and foreclosure actions pertaining to unsecured and secured debts for commercial, personal and mortgage loans, and has represented secured creditors and purchasers in the free and clear sale of assets and/or businesses in Bankruptcy Courts. 

He has defended different type of creditors before the State Courts, District Courts and Bankruptcy Courts in the protection and pursuit of their interests, including relief from stay actions, violation of automatic stay issues, cash collateral litigation, objections to plans of reorganization, conversion or dismissal of bankruptcy  proceedings, defense against litigious credit redemption claims, defense against stripping of liens, defense against claims under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, among other related lender liability controversies. 

Mr. Zouairabani-Trinidad has also been engaged in civil commercial litigation in both federal and state courts. As part of his civil litigation work, he has been defendant's attorney in contracts and tort cases, including products liability controversies and municipal contracting controversies, he has been involved in RICO disputes, litigation involving the Agricultural Credit Act and the Farm Credit System, as well as other federal causes of actions. 

Prior to joining the firm, he clerked for the Hon. Bankruptcy Judge Mildred Cabán Flores and worked as an attorney in the litigation department at a major San Juan firm in the areas of creditors’ rights, bankruptcy and commercial litigation

Representative Cases

  • Representation of creditors in PROMESA Title III debt restructuring cases of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, COFINA, the Puerto Rico Highway and Transportation Authority and the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority
  • Representation of secured and unsecured creditors in a myriad of Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 12 and Chapter 13 cases, including, but not limited to, cash collateral controversies, requests for relief from stay, requests for approval of administrative expenses, disputes on approval of critical vendors, issues on dismissal and/or conversion of bankruptcy cases, objections to claims, disputes on approval of Chapter 11, Chapter 12, and Chapter 13 plans of reorganization, defense of creditors in controversies of violation of automatic stay, approval of bankruptcy sale of assets free and clear of liens, claims and encumbrances, and subsequent cancellation of such liens, among other things
  • Representation of creditors in litigation of Adversary Proceedings such as defense in controversies of violation of automatic stay, defense against cramdown attempts to eliminate liens and/or determination of a secured creditor’s claim, defense against different avoidance actions, including preferences and/or fraudulent conveyances, as well as other matters
  • Successful representation of purchaser of the IHOP restaurants in the case of In re Cousins International Food Corp., Case No. 12-08567 (MCF).
  • Representation of secured creditor in cash collateral dispute, relief from stay and eventual conversion to Chapter 7 in the bankruptcy case of In re Builders Group & Development Corp., Case No. 13-04867 (ESL)
  • Successful denial of confirmation of a reorganization plan, and securing a precedent-setting decision in the District of Puerto Rico regarding applicability of the absolute priority rule in individual Chapter 11 bankruptcies in the case of In re Lee Min Ho Chen, Case No. 11-08170 (BKT)
  • Representation of secured creditor in relief from stay litigation on key issue on applicability of the Single Asset Real Estate provisions under the Bankruptcy Code in the case of In re Efron Dorado, Case No. 16-00283 (MCF)
  • Successful conversion to Chapter 7 liquidation in the bankruptcy case of In re Guzman & Gonzalez Management, Inc., Case No. 12-01779 (EAG)
  • Member of team involved in the representation of the secured creditor in the sale of the Ciudadela commercial/residential project in the bankruptcy case of In re Miramar Real Estate Management, Inc., Case No. 11-01786 (BKT)
  • Member of team involved in the representation of the secured creditor in the pending sale of certain real estate assets in the bankruptcy cases of In re Iglesia Mision Cristiana Fuente de Agua Viva, Inc., Case No. 12-07856 (MCF) and In re Concilio Mision Cristiana Fuente de Agua Viva, Inc., Case No. 12-07857 (MCF)
  • Successful representation of a manufacturer before the United States District Court in the summary dismissal of certain product liability claims in the case of Bernardino Santos et al.Viera Torres et al., Civil No. 11-01602 (MEL), as sub-sequently affirmed by the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit in Santos-Rodríguez v. Seastar Sols., No. 15-2171, 858 F.3d 695 (1st Cir. 2017)
  • Member of team involved in the representation of a health insurance company before the United States District Court in the successful issuance of an Injunction against the Puerto Rico Office of the Patients’ Advocate to preclude the imposition of a multibillion dollar fine in the case of MCS v. Mellado-Lopez, Civil No. 14-01223 (PG)


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B.A. in Computerized Information Systems, University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus,2004

J.D., Interamerican University School of Law, 2007

Candidate for a Master in Law in Bankruptcy in 2017, Thomas Jefferson School of Law

Certified Legal Specialty


Federal Bar Association

American Bankruptcy Institute

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