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Bids & Government Procurement

Because government contract matters require specialized expertise


The McConnell Valdés experienced Bids & Government Procurement Practice team understands the intricate factors at play before, during and after government contract awards, which ultimately begins prior to receiving the award.

Clients turn to us for guidance during the proposal phase of procurement, which is critical not only in terms of competitive bidding but which also establishes the scope of future government contract obligations. Our team’s early-phase involvement can reduce the potential risks attached to both the contract award and contract performance. Over the years, our team has built a substantial track record in helping clients successfully negotiate, perform, interpret, litigate, and provide contracts.

We represent clients doing business with municipal, United States, and Puerto Rico governments, as well as new and experienced government contractors. In serving our clients, we seek to identify alternative business and legal approaches and solutions that can lessen their regulatory and other compliance burdens.

What We Do

The McConnell Valdés Bids & Government Procurement team is experienced in helping clients maximize their public sector market penetration goals. We do this by:

  • Litigating bid protests and claims
  • Negotiating, performing, and interpreting contracts with government entities
  • Litigating contractual disputes at administrative and judicial levels
  • Preparing local and federal government bids and proposals
  • Administering government contracts
  • Defending government contractors against government claims

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